Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Attack and the Decay: Part 7.

The Attack and the Decay: Part 7

[This is the LAST installment of the short story... it was never finished. I hope you enjoyed it in some way...]

The next block is the condemned homeless shelter. Closed those down over a decade ago. They don’t want to encourage reliance on others and the feeling of helplessness. They want people to build their strength. To learn to “fend for themselves” and “build moral character.” But how are they supposed to help themselves when the government has blacklisted them, not allowing them to have jobs, get married, have licenses to conceive. They’re keeping them down and they know it. They like it that way. If they give them no help, no outlet, no support, they know they’ll eventually die off. And then, one less ugly duckling to look after. Only the beautiful healthy offspring to tend to now. I hate that. I hate the government.

That’s why I refuse to give up my work. That’s why I teach. Because public education is the next duckling that’s struggling for food. And the government has taken every opportunity to push its face down in the mud. To cut off any form of support or encouragement. But they haven’t killed us entirely. And with all that I’ve lost, this is the last thing that I have to hold on to. And I plan to hold on until the very end…even if it means that I’ll be given to the sun. I’d rather see my body wither in its presence than willingly give up this fight. Because it comes down to the children. The future. The chance for our old world to be reborn – the one where happiness still existed and love and life prevailed. If I could help in its rebirth, then I’d leave this life in peace.

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