Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet Mother.

Sweet Mother

Cradle me, sweet mother

Inside your tender womb
And let me grow and ripen
Until you can consume
My heart with yours

Hold me, gentle mother
In your loving arms
Keep me from this world
And its many harms

For when I'm in them
My doom is long forgotten.

Dedicated to my mother. Happy Birthday, 1 hour and 40 minutes early.

Written 9.30.09 @ 10:20 PM

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Little Less.

A Little Less

I'll never walk with ease and steady breath,
Like all the world can do
I'll never carry my own child
Inside this precious womb
I'll never see myself grow old,
Gray hairs the treasures for all my years lived
I'll never keep up with you
No matter what I give

And everyday, I feel my body give a little less
And everyday, I fight not to feel powerless
But my body decides for me
And now I feel so very sleepy.

Written 9.29.09 @ 10:23 PM

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Beginnings.

New Beginnings

Don't let life break you,
Break it in first
Give it a show
For all you're worth

This time around
You may fall to your knees
But next time it comes,
You'll float on the breeze

You deserve this joy,
Go have some more
Life is a journey,
And it's time to explore.

Dedicated to my first love and my best friend, Amy. ♥

Written 9.28.09 @ 11:59 PM

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everything We Know.

Everything We Know




Written 9.27.09 @ 10:05 PM



We wake in tempered patterns
Sun rounds the sky
And I open my blinds

Until the moon encroaches.

We fall in fitful scatters
Mind screams and cries
And I beg to know why

Until the day approaches.

Written 9.26.09 @ 11:51 PM

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Divorce.

The Divorce

The mind and body split
(Couldn't ease the tension),
And now they live divorced.

But the mind won't quit, and the body isn't fit
(For this world of our invention),
And we fail to feel remorse.

Written 9.25.09 @ 11:50 PM

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Facing the Fear.

Facing the Fear

You have to face the fear,
Look it square in the eye (like the eye of a storm),
and let it see your soul.
You have to stand strong,
Your body steady and agile (like the waves of the sea to the shore),
and be relentless
You have to take the fear by the throat,
And give it a light squeeze (like releasing the juice from an orange),
and let it be warned.

If only
I had the heart.

Written 9.24.09 @ 11:45 PM

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Housing Heart.

Housing Heart

I never let you in
Just shut you out like the sun
And closed my heart away
Like it was made of porcelain,
Fragile and unmoved

I never let you remove the lid
And slide your way within
To the tiny crevices of heart
Where my old home once had lived,
Now broken and afar

But just today you seeped into
The long-malnourished cracks
Of heart and soul that ached and burned
For the home it wanted back,
Now soon to be reborn, in you.

Written 9.23.09 @ 11:15 PM

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Sky Reborn.

A Sky Reborn

The skies were dying, dying fast
Melting and morphing into black

Our eyes stored up tears
For the flood that would come
From the death of the heavens
When the day was all done

And we waited and trembled
For the moment of death
When the clouds would roar up
And claim their last breath

So we held our floodgates,
Waiting firmly to mourn
But the grim fate was stolen
By a skyscape reborn

After many bleak days
With a heaven from hell
One sweet day we awoke
To bright blues and pastels

For the skies were not dying, dying fast
But only renewing their love from the past.

Written 9.22.09 @ 9:24 PM

Ocean Deep.

Ocean Deep

Love is like the ocean.
Broad and deep.
Beautiful and vast.
Open to the world.
And yours and mine at last.

Written 9.21.09 @ 11:58 PM

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Water Droplets.

We are all water droplets. Tiny, numerous, and swelling with energy...

To see, take a warm shower. Let it sit a bit. Let the steam work its magic - on your skin, on the air, on the walls. Let it take over. And once it has, stop. Do nothing, not one thing. But then, look to the water droplets growing on the shower walls beside you. Notice the thousands upon thousands of little beaming bubbles budding right before you. They gather like a mass, and they all start out small - so very small your eyes barely recognize them. And every single one begins to grow. They're all quick, and numerous, and at so many different stages of growth that you can't distinguish where it all began or which little drop came first. They are all one and yet individual. And they are all - with their many shapes and sizes and speeds - beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Once a droplet matures to its fullest, it descends. Into the unknown. Its journey happens so fast and so unpredictably that it's merely impossible to distinguish its destination. But even in its dark descent, the aged droplet leaves new hope, new life. If you trace its fallen track and watch so very closely, you'll see new drops conceived in its passage - new vitality sprung from old. And this cycle never ends. No, it never ends...

We are all water droplets.

Written 9.20.09 @ 11:55 PM

I Want You.

I missed my post yesterday (I try to post everyday) because it was a special day for me... a six-month celebration with my beau. Naturally, my thoughts dwell on him. Anyway, I may post twice today to make up for yesterday's absence. We shall see...

I Want You

I want you.
No money, no luxury
Just you.

I need you.
No travel, no hurry
No fear, no worry
Just you.

That is all I want.
Forever you.

Written 9.20.09 @ 1:33 PM

Friday, September 18, 2009

Would You.

Would You

If I spent my life with you
Would you help to see me through
Dark and light,
The black of night,
My dying fight?

But hold, you are my beating heart.
I can't depart,
Without you.

Written 9.18.09 @ 11:29 PM

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bed.

The Bed

You're right next to me,
Drifting off to lovely dreams,
And the bed is finally warm.

My mind is dancing rapidly,
At the sight of all these seams
Coming together in the storm

Of my heart.

Written 9.17.09 @ 11:16 PM

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Meet Pinkie-Elle: the Elegant Elephant. This is a doodle I did based on a tiny figurine that rests atop a bottle of bubbles... a bottle I received at my adorable nephew Foxy's 1st birthday celebration! It was zoo animal themed. :] I saved the tiny bottle of joy, and was inspired by it's irresistible cuteness to draw.

So, now you've met Pinkie-Elle: the Elegant Elephant. ♥

Drawn 9.16.09 @ 7:45 PM
Written 9.16.09 @ 8:45 PM

Writing You.

Writing You

I'm writing you love songs 'cause I don't know what to do.
I'm writing you love songs to help get me through.
This mess.
This tunnel.
This endless expanse of time.
But you are mine.

I'm dancing in alleyways and through the parking lots.
To keep myself moving, so I don't see what I've lost.
But I'll find it again.
Far from now.
You'll show me how.

I'm laughing to keep the teardrops from rolling.
And imagining the day when we'll go strolling.
Us two together.
When finally the void will fade forever.

Written 9.15.09 @ 11:48 PM

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Can't look you in the eyes
As I sing you lullabies,
My heart's a-pounding

The love-stained verses
Become tender curses
As my tongue's a-fumbling

But every word's for you
And my heart sings true
As my defenses start a-falling

And then you save the day
When you steal my glance away,
Sending my heart a-soaring

So look me in the eyes,
And saying no goodbyes,
Feel the love a-pouring.

Written 9.14.09 @ 11:54 PM

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Water Tower.

The Water Tower

Water Tower,
The rusted flower
They take you piece for piece

Tearing down
Your browning crown
To give the sky release

From you yourself,
The dusty shelf
That no one wants to clean

You sit there open,
Betrayed and broken
Beginning to wane and ween

But no hope will come,
Exposed to the sun,
You are the dying flower

And tomorrow we'll rise
With tears in our eyes
For gone is the Water Tower.

Picture Taken 12.30.08 @ 6:00 PM
Written 9.13.09 @ 11:58 PM

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Evening Pastures.

Evening Pastures

Evening pastures in the sky
I wonder why it rolls above me

The price for wonder isn't free
I try to see its true beginning

But cycles have no start
The heart of life is always beating

I wonder why I hadn't seen
This truth until this very evening.

Picture Taken 9.4.09 @ 7:00 PM
Written 9.12.09 @ 11:55 PM

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Eye Serene.

Time can stop. I've witnessed it - perhaps a few dozen times or so. But you have to really look for it, or you'll never even notice the swiftly slowing hands of the clock. And if you're not watching, I mean really watching, you won't see how they - ever so gingerly - enter a state of total idleness. And time becomes nonexistent. These moments, these beautiful phenomena, are so rare and fleeting that most people see straight through them or look right past. But everytime before the rain, everytime before a kiss, everytime before the sun's rise, there is a pause... a breath. Time takes a breath. And all the world is frozen, for our innocent eyes to devour.

My hungry eyes have devoured many a freeze-frame; they have stolen their fair share of time's reprieve. And yet, they still burn within my sockets, begging for more. Time never seems to yield when I want it to...

Please don't say it.
Don't say it.

You stroke my hair, rub away the tear trickling down my cheek.
The phone alarm goes off with that old familiar song.
It makes me think of you. Of us. Of the way we used to be.
I dive into your eyes. Pleading silently.

Don't say it, sweetie.
Please don't.

"It's time." You kiss my salty cheek.
I hear your keys jingle as you push them in your pocket.
And your shoes squeak as you slip them on.
I hear my tires turning as I deliver you.
And my music blaring as I drown the sound of your fading footsteps.

Time never was a friend of mine. But it can stop, I've witnessed it. Just not today...

Written 9.11.09 @ 11:55 PM

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Energy and Soul.

I recently became a student again. (I say again because I already graduated in May with my teaching degree.) But after a summer of health-induced unproductivity, combined with the potential threat of losing my health insurance, the idea was born for me to return to school recreationally. (I am now attending CPR and Karate classes. Both are valuable life skills, I feel.) The drive to the campus is a bit of a distance. Approximately 30 minutes travel time, depending on traffic. But I don't mind. In fact, I rather relish it - the whole experience...

This entire summer has been a bizarre, slow awakening for me. Life after college is never what you anticipate, never what you dream it will be. But, then again, I didn't put much thought into post-grad plans to begin with; I simply thought I would start teaching, and find my happiness in that. Turns out we can be wrong about any assumptions, big or small or anywhere in between...

As a result of my unexpected situation this summer (the inability to work), I was beginning to lose direction, to lose purpose, to lose me. Life has never seemed more fragile or uncertain. But these classes, these drives to get to these classes, these moments all to myself where I am forced to face this new and strange world all on my own... these things are bringing little pieces of me back. I am feeling reason in life and rhythm of life. Just after a few days. And I can feel a new energy forming within me. It's beautiful, and comforting, and enlivening.

I'm starting to find me. ♥

Written 9.10.09 @ 10:54 PM

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brandon Boy.

Today I spent the afternoon with two of my adorable nephews. I haven't seen them in over a week (because I was out of town), so I missed them terribly. More than almost anything else in the world. And my excitement to see them today was overwhelming. During all of our relaxing and play, I was inspired by my littlest nephew, beautiful Brandon. So I did a doodly-sketch of his sweet, little face. I haven't drawn in years... Thank you, Brandon Boy.

Drawn 9.9.09 @ 4:15 PM
Written 9.9.09 @ 10:53 PM

Little Sweetnesses.

I love the look of earthly things that bring me happiness. The simple, everyday items that I treasure or crave. I've come to realize that the mere sight of such things seeps joy into my heart, even before my consciousness has registered what they are. The sweetly feminine pink and purple of my favorite fruity snacks. The sunflowery gold of my adored brand of chips. The rich emerald green of my favorite canned beverage. The creamy brown swirls of my preciously preferred tea. These are simple, perhaps shallow, pleasures of today. But what is joy in life if not a composite of the little sweetnesses, the minute details that others view as plain but we see as beautiful.

Written 9.8.09 @ 4:32 PM