Saturday, June 18, 2011

a heart that hates is born to love.

a heart that hates
is born to love.

for any person
you may have
the capacity to hate,
you also have
the capacity
to love.

the heart
that holds
enough passion
enough conviction
to live in hatred,
also holds
the gift of love

you need
only decide
to let go of
the hate
and give into
the love.

Written 6.18.11 @ 2:45 PM

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

todos. iluminados.

todos. iluminados.

the golden, the beautiful,

the moon, so big and ripe.

we see it, don't claim it,

our eyes fill with delight.

the quiet, the fruitful,

the moon, it burns so bright.

hush now, don't wake it,

we dream in shadow's light.

the moment, the blissful,

the moon, it ends our plight.

we touch it, regive it,

eternity's tonight.

Written 6.15.11 @ 1:05 PM

Thursday, June 9, 2011

nothing hurts when we know love.

nothing hurts
when we know love.

they are in us,
always with us,
ever-around us.

the souls
that passed
so long ago.

we need only think of them
look within, feel them.
they never passed, never left.

you, too,
will never leave
as long as
you love.

our knowing is born of love,
our connections built of love.

learn to love,
wholly love,
and all is yours.

Written 6.9.11 @ 6:25 PM

Being you: alone and together.

Being you: alone and together.

Being alone
is never like being
with someone else.

you are free to be
the truest you:

silent as long as you please.
speaking your heart boundlessly.
full of quirks, calm and pure and sweet.

We need to find the people
who bring out
the truest us,
even when
we're not alone.

You're not alone
on the road
to find them.

Written 6.8.11 @ 9:48 PM

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

passing through: paintings, walls, and childhood.

passing through:
paintings, walls, and childhood.

we walked on water
in the painting on the wall.
tiny footsteps of our minds
twisted about the peeling mural.

we knew the world by heart
curving road and riverbrook,
farmhouse with the watermill,
so many glances that we took.

we lived a thousand lifetimes
in the painted paradise.
the mountains as the backdrop,
trees tracing, birds at highest heights.

we floated through the world
time and time again.
as if the repetition ensured
our childhood would never end.

Written 6.7.11 @ 11:16 PM

through the darknesses with you.

through the darknesses with you.

He helped me walk through the darkness

through every shade of the abyss

twilight, midnight, dark night

through the infinite tinieblas;

He washed away heart's blackness

brought out sky's tenderness

holding tight, feeling right

la luna y estrellas.

Written 6.7.11 @ 1:45 AM