Monday, April 26, 2010

Yearning to be free, free as a bird.

Yearning to be free, free as a bird.

I'm sitting outside here, on my patio. The swiftly moving gray skies surround me, but birds still chirp all around, like on a beautiful sun-filled day. And one of them landed on the ledge of the patio roof, just a moment ago. Perched not far from where I sat. I whistled to it, seeing if I could imitate another bird. It sat there for a few seconds, not falling for my ruse. Then, out of nowhere, it took flight and sailed across our backyard and out of sight. And sudden tears ran down my face. I thought for a moment and knew why...

This bird could do what I could not: It didn't like its situation, and in an instant, broke free of it. It had felt scared or threatened or unhappy or trapped. And it took to flight. Breaking free from its boredom or unhappiness or fear. It lifted off and flew away from everything that could've held it back. And for once, just once, I wish I had the strength to soar. To break free from this body of mine.

Written 4.26.10 @ 5:28 PM

My Body, My Foe.

My Body, My Foe

This body is my foe.
It holds my heart
And lets it grow,
Then steals away
The love it sowed.

Thus I am forever prone
To being left empty
And alone,
Dreaming of a life

Written 4.26.10 @ 3:30 PM

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

With You.

With You.

You will be the thing that breaks me.
If you won't have me, Life will take me.

Its widowed lover, I shall feel
And its hollow heart will reel
When my quest becomes my steal

And a widower it shall stand
With my broken heart in hand
And the memories of a life I planned

With you.

Written 4.21.10 @ 8:26 PM