Thursday, July 22, 2010

Capturing love with the lens.

Capturing love with the lens.

You have a good eye for photography
So why don't you use it more on me
I'll be the flash and you the film
And we'll capture the lovers' realm

Don't shy away, command the lens
And document these lover friends
From youthful blossoms in the spring
To hard roads they'll be weathering

Each tick of time a precious frame,
A tender moment, and our sweet claim
To life and love and breath and touch
Make our last frame illustrate such

And Time will be our endwise witness
To the breadth and depth of feral love.

Written 7.22.10 @ 10:28 PM

Sunday, July 18, 2010



I like the look that's lived-in
Scattered sheets and open locks
Surround ourselves with love-fused objects
You fold the towels and I the socks

Every item sought and touched
Laid in this room by one of us
Except for those you wanted closer
Pieced me up and closed the box

But love is not an object
And can't be caught or tamed
It flows through the air we breathe
And electrifies this home we've made.

Written 7.18.10 @ 8:05 PM