Monday, November 22, 2010

You Who Flew Away

You Who Flew Away

When I die
(and I will die)
I'll wish that you were there
That you were strong enough to stay.

There will always be traces of you in my heart
They can never fade away
(They were born in there to stay.)

Unlike you
Who flew away
(But it's all right
We all decay
in heart and body anyway.)

But if I were here today
I'd ask for you to stay.


Written approximately on 11.4.10
Revised 11.22.10 @ 11:00 PM

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nowhere is home.

Nowhere is home.

You let me call my space with you home. Why would you if you knew I couldn't stay? You should've cut me off at the knees. Would've been cruel, but at least it would be honest. It would've prepared me.

Instead you let me sink so deep into your arms. The one place where I felt safe, where I felt unbreakable.

And then you broke me.

Now nothing is safe, and nowhere is home.

Written 11.18.10 @ 3:33 PM