Monday, July 18, 2011

the center of everything.

the center of everything.

the center.

you are the center.

and all revolves for you.

you. the center.

your heart.

it is the core.

and its beat keeps you

at the center.

follow it.

it is the rhythm.

and its flow guides you.

let it. allow it.

the center.

we are the center.

because I am you.

and you are me.

let us flow.

let us be.

at the center.

of all things.

Written 7.16.11 @ 11:38 PM

restless eyes.

restless eyes.

in the night
in the dead of night
in the black of night
I can't see right.

I can't see right.

Written 7.18.11 @ 2:55 AM

earthly prayer.

earthly prayer.

Sweet earth and gentle ground,
all that is beautiful and sound:
Please give me strength the world around,
for I thrive on love unbound.

Written 7.17.11 @ 6:36 PM

Hideaway love.

Hideaway love.

I want to love
with all I am.
But you can't have
all of my love.

It hurts, hiding
part of me away
when I want
to freely love you.

But I will hide away.
I will hide myself,
for you. Sweet you.
I will hide to have you.

I am hidden.
Do I have you?

Written 7.17.11 @ 6:07 PM

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A glow...

A glow (in the deepest darkest forest).

you fell
you fell from the grace
of their hearts;
but you fell
you fell into my arms.

these will
these will carry you through
the black forest;
and we will
we will hear earth's delicate chorus.

it sings
songs of plentiful love
that I bring;
can you feel
how these arms give to you everything.

Written 7.17.11 @ 2:36 PM

Friday, July 15, 2011

the lips you'll never kiss.

the lips you'll never kiss.

you're not worthy of these lips.
the strength they hold
the love they kiss.

not deep enough to seek them
or real enough to feel them.

you're falsehood
you're the surface.

and I'm beneath
the sweet abyss.

Written 3.7.11 @ 1:24 AM

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

our molecules and fate.

our molecules and fate.

there's a moment.

the sliding doors, luggage in hand

and mine in your other.

walking forward

into future, fast-paced but hesitant,

our faces silent together,

but we're together.

in the solace of each other we can

face the black frontier.

a whole unit,

fingers entwined as we stand

at the gate to go over.

and time, space

slowly flow between our hands

until your face is all but covered.

and there's a moment

beyond the pass when even separate

we're still partners

in the darkness.

but in that moment far far beyond the gate

when your face is altered

into emptiness,

my molecules almost deteriorate,

the spirit promptly falters.

and how strange it feels

to be one second a we facing fate

and next an I, a loner in need of shelter

from the emptiness, too late.

Written 7.12.11 @ 9:52 PM