Sunday, August 21, 2011


Together they saw

earth rise to the call

of love.

Dark forest

was where he found

her resting gently

upon the ground.


so fast asleep

but saw her breath

was much too weak.


he knelt his frame

touching her heart

and wake she came.

Sitting straight

up with her lips

to each his eyes

she gave a kiss.

That moment

they watched dark fall

from the forest:

light claimed it all.

Written 8.20.11 @ 11:55 PM

Saturday, August 13, 2011

one day...

one day you'll sleep

by my side.

the smile

of yours that

breaks and mends

my heart

I felt

crushed and whole

the moment of

its start

its lines

trace self and

earth as if


it shines

through the black

with light of

the sun.

Written 8.13.11 @ 1:37 AM

Thursday, August 4, 2011

the beautiful breaking of two.

the beautiful breaking of two.

the rain

so heavily it came

down upon that afternoon

we sat quietly inside

the cafe with our eyes

cast down, ordering food

but we knew.

outside we embraced

keeping warmth from the race

of rain, as the heat slowly flew

looking into your eyes

I knew the truth and the lies

of tomorrow, our time was through

and I knew.

Written 8.4.11 @ 3:15 PM