Saturday, October 22, 2011

the promise

the promise

the wind blows through the trees

like your breath on my neck

warm, exhilarating, full of love

I kiss it with my hand,

raised high to the blue

in our lips' moist, tender stead

your skin does not touch mine

but alone I am not

every silence whispers your love

and every moment

holds the promise

of home.

Written 10.20.11 @ 6:20 PM

Monday, October 17, 2011

She wields a bow without arrows.

She wields a bow without arrows.

In the darkness round she's found
carrying her bow of rain
not sleet or snow or fire but
all the colors that she's gained

she caught them tender one by one
each sacred, brilliant hue
and yet she felt them all at once
making them whole to give to you

so now the loving bow does lay
between your precious palms
always home it guides your grace,
through deepest darkness, into love.

Written 10.17.11 @ 8:45 PM

Thursday, October 13, 2011

white canvas.

white canvas, find your core.

who are we

when we're all alone

no loved ones there beside us

or family to define us.

must find our sacred peace

let inner strength defeat

the call of loneliness

resist its haunting echoes.

love lives in the grottos

of your soul

let it take hold.

Written 10.13.11 @ 12:15 AM