Tuesday, May 31, 2011

lonely girl, lovely star

lonely girl, lovely star

the grass to my back,

prickled yet smoothed,

gives me cool the skies lack

melody to my ears,

raged yet calmed,

musters feelings like years

eyes to the sky,

focused yet wandered,

find the star meant for I

you to my heart,

fogged yet cleared,

flew to me from the start

call to my you,

despaired yet enchanted,

I sang words so true

arms to your heaven,

flailed yet floated,

beg you to hold them

lips to the star,

trembled yet kissed,

feel you where you are

and time to our mind,

famous yet foolish,

melts away from our kind.

Written 5.31.11 @ 8:05 PM

Thursday, May 19, 2011

in the rainbow, playing love for you and I.

in the rainbow,

playing love for you and I.

She tried to light the darkness

but it repelled her love,

(spat her out and drew away)

what else is light to do

when dark wants to dwell in darkness,

(lifts its fists at golden day)

the light mustn't let blackness

at its flame that shines within,

(too deep to be dark's prey)

but on the light must walk

in hopes of finding bright white love,

(she travels through color and grey)

for all of her beloved days.

Written 5.16.11 @ 10:00 PM

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a heart can whisper.

a heart can whisper.

the face, the curves,
the dimples and brow,
the love it serves
as I look at you now.

one glance, that grin
the pearls, smooth and sweet;
my heart beats within
as it will when lips meet.

dear face I see
with warmth all its own
calls one word to me,
my heart whispers:


Written 5.17.11 @ 10:36 PM

naked waters.

naked waters.

we bathe in the creek
as the water will flow
through our veins and our limbs
and our bodies will glow

on the street, in the heat
like a sunny window
or sounds of sky's earth
that sparkle below

we melt all the skin
and learn quick to grow
with new life and new light
and shed what we know

for the pure, for the love
let us give, let us go.

Written 5.17.11 @ 12:50 AM

Sunday, May 15, 2011

only beginnings, never endings.

only beginnings, never endings.

may I love you forever?

for my heart will always beat.

even in death it will flee

to be with you.

it runs to you, races for you.

and may it always find you,

through the tides and sea

of all that is,

(or ever will be:

earth and you and me.)

may your arms always be open

and heart pure in form,

so that the love can flood

your veins and brain and core.

your entire being, that is what it seeks.

may you open wide your inner riverbanks,

and let my heart flood them

with its fluid beat.

no matter what may come,

it beats for you forever.

the flood of love will never end,

for love only knows the way to begin.

Written 5.15.11 @ 10:51 PM

in the thick of it.

in the thick of it.

lose it.
slow and steady.
but sometimes
fast and heated.

feel it.
the cool release,
the warm retreat
from hate and worry.

love it.
in your fingertips,
lips, soles, and souls.
we're in it.

this is love.
this is home.

Written 5.15.11 @ 8:40 PM

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bodies and Beings.

Bodies and Beings.

licking his lips
he steals the ships
of darkness
from my head

flooding my ocean
with the sweet notion
of our bodies entwined
in bed

building my sails
high, the wind wails
from the ecstasy
it's fed

my end will come
with our beings as one
and not a single word
need be said.

Written 5.7.11 @ 12:05 PM

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

seeing with love.

seeing with love.

Once we see with the eyes of love

we see there are no enemies.

There is no good and bad.

There is no war and peace.

There are no differences between you and me.

Once we see with the eyes of love

all is real, and bright, and free.

Written 5.1.11 @ 1:50 PM

Monday, May 2, 2011

I let go.

I let go.

I tried to remain friends with him.

But even in his friendship,

he brought me to dark

unseemly places.

The only way to find the light

was to let myself love,

and let go.

Written 5.1.11 @ 1:55 PM