Sunday, May 15, 2011

only beginnings, never endings.

only beginnings, never endings.

may I love you forever?

for my heart will always beat.

even in death it will flee

to be with you.

it runs to you, races for you.

and may it always find you,

through the tides and sea

of all that is,

(or ever will be:

earth and you and me.)

may your arms always be open

and heart pure in form,

so that the love can flood

your veins and brain and core.

your entire being, that is what it seeks.

may you open wide your inner riverbanks,

and let my heart flood them

with its fluid beat.

no matter what may come,

it beats for you forever.

the flood of love will never end,

for love only knows the way to begin.

Written 5.15.11 @ 10:51 PM

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