Saturday, February 26, 2011

When the sun finally sets...

When the sun finally sets,
it is not because I hung my head.

Sitting plainly, towards the west horizon
my eyes shielded from the star's bright core
by the branch of the tree beside me

We are perfectly in balance, the sun and I
neither too strong or weak, nor
peaking before the earth is ready

But the sun is not satisfied as yet
and sinks slowly, sweetly more
While I, dismissing its eagerness, resist

And raise my head from earth's floor.

Written 2.26.11 @ 8:10 PM

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You held and released me.

You held and released me.

You searched for me,
you found me.
And then you let me go.

I asked you why,
I begged and cried.
You said you didn't know.

But as time began to flow,
my heart would learn and know
that you letting me go

was your greatest act of love.

Written 2.15.11 @ 12:12 PM

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our love was undefined.

Our love was undefined.

We were born here, in this place,
in this fate, between right and wrong.
Touches felt, both cold and warm,
Daylight short and nights so long.

We danced, both hard and soft,
Lips pursed, glass between our fingers.
Taking sips from lips and wine,
A love so strong, the taste still lingers.

Each new step, both rough and tender,
Drank it dry, the fluid night.
But in the morning, can't remember
if the love was wrong or right.

The taste dissolved into the light.

Written 2.9.11 @ 12:40 PM

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whispers in the Mist

Whispers in the Mist

Runny neon streaks
shimmer in the rain-drenched streets.

You're finally seeing these roads
when you moved here ages ago,
with your eyes closed so tight,
psyching your mind up for a fight.

But no foe was found,
for hearts rest on this quiet ground.

All eyes soften with the rain,
lips too gentle to complain.
And you whisper to the misty blue
how you're thankful for this life anew.

Written 2.1.11 @ 9:50 PM