Saturday, April 30, 2011

love in all things.

love in all things.

love in the rivers and the sea and the springs

love in the cold and the warmth of all things

love in the sunlight and twilight and moon

love in the past and the present and soon

love in the eyes and the body and heart

love in the end and the middle and start

love in the strangers and lovers and friends

love in each moment, for love never ends.

Written 4.30.11 @ 6:00 PM

Friday, April 29, 2011

Little Boy with the Two-Shaded Heart

Fairytale Poetry: Entry Two

The Little Boy with the Two-Shaded Heart

A little boy, a little town
where he hopped and skipped and flew:
He had two sides of his heart,
one red, one royal blue.

The red was bright and boisterous.
In the light, he shown it to
his friends and family and all the world,
the ones where red rang true.

But he left the other tender half,
his quiet royal blue,
tucked away inside his chest
unsure of whom to show it to.

Until one day a little girl
from a distant town came through
and gently clasped the halves together
making one whole from the two.

For she saw both the red and blue
And loved each color through and through.

Written 4.29.11 @ 2:55 PM

(For the man with the two-shaded heart.)

Little Girl Lost in Love

Fairytale Poetry: Entry One

The Little Girl Lost in Love

The little girl had loved.

As many often do.

She gave away her heart,

hoped to be loved too.

But one couldn't hold it,

another made it blue.

The last sucked it dry,

and let it break in two.

Some days she would weep.

Most days she smiled through.

Searched for love within

to make her heart feel new.

But from a darkened dream

she awoke to light so true.

A love to last all ages.

He made her heart brand new.

Written 4.28.11 @ 8:40 PM

(Dedicated to he who knows that "love never fails.")

Monday, April 25, 2011

renewal and love.

(These are words I wrote for my loved ones this spring.)

renewal and love.

Every day
we're reborn.
Every day
we're renewed.

With this day
and this spring
I am new.
And so are you.

Let us live
each moment with love;
each moment
a rebirth of the last.

We are alive,
surrounded by life.
surrounded by love.
We are love.

So let us live as love does:
always thriving,
always welcoming
each new day.

For every day is a chance
to love and be loved.

Written 4.23.11 @ 7:58 PM

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

love is ever-present.

love is ever-present.

I am not now, nor will I ever be, unloved.
Love is around me, love is within me.
I am love.

You are not now, nor will you ever be, unloved.
Love is around you, love is within you.
You are love.

We are not now, nor will we ever be, unloved.
Love is around us, love is within us.
We are love.

Written 4.20.11 @ 8:00 PM

Sunday, April 17, 2011

People are as trees.

People are as trees.

From a distance, all may look similar
and appear unmoved by the world around.
But the closer we look, the nearer our eyes,
the more we can see they are moving and moved.
Each with a rhythm of life, a dance of love.
Each with an individual grace and pace.

We see the feral truth:
We stand apart and together.
We are separate and we are one.

Written 4.17.11 @ 6:20 PM

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Raging Silence.

Raging Silence: moments when
the oxygen craving couldn't be satisfied.

The eyes saw, but couldn't focus.
The mind raced, but couldn't think.
The heart felt, but couldn't speak.
Drifting, peaking, 'bout to sink.

Written 4.16.11 @ 4:30 PM

Thursday, April 14, 2011

illusion of scars.

illusion of scars.

The scars imprinted
on our skin
may not be scars at all.

Perhaps they're merely
shadows cast
upon our body's wall

by the things that stand
between us
and our eternal sol.

Written 4.13.11 @ 3:40 PM

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

beyond the waters, before the graveyard

beyond the waters, before the graveyard
(the white kingdom).

Milk of my body
gives new life
in its dewy drops

but no one drinks
of its nectar,
too suckled by fear

for murky waters
lie between my flesh
and their fate

no one braves
to break
the solitude.

Written 4.13.11 @ 12:57 AM

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finding and losing ourselves...

Finding and losing ourselves in the shadows.

When you miss someone,
you miss them hard and slow.
and not all at once.

The moments of missing sneak up on you,
like shadows growing in the setting sun.

Our sunset is slow and painful.
and the shadows are larger than ever.

Written 4.12.11 @ 2:02 AM

Sunday, April 10, 2011

starlight parade.

starlight parade.

I long to lay and watch
starlight parades with you
and see the gems cascade
across the midnight blue.

Your arm around my waist,
my head upon your shoulder
soaking in the vastness,
dreaming we'll grow older.

Though knowing all that counts
are the starry nights we share
and giving everything
to always return to there.

But on this starlit night,
alone I wonder who
is meant to lay beside me
and be my missing 'you'.

Written 4.10.11 @ 1:20 AM

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

keys to doors we broke long before.

keys to doors we broke long before.

When you didn't
come back to me
I shut the door,
threw the key
into the pitted
stormy sea
and thought of you
as dead to me.

But lies, all lies
I couldn't dare
I held tight the key
that we had shared
Hid it safely
with childlike care
and hoped to soon
return to there.

The place of tender
fingers and hearts
Where nights would end
and days would start
with warm bodies and lips
only inches apart
Where love and lust
were one perfect art.

. . . . .

But when I chose
to save my key
You threw yours
into the sea
thinking me gone
And now to you
the dead is me.

Written 4.6.11 @ 9:00 PM

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

walking into the wind.

walking into the wind.

blowing in her face
stealing air from her lips
when her thirst for its immense

she could turn back
give in and travel with the wind
but then she'd be moving backwards

and all of life lies ahead.

Written 4.3.11 @ 6:10 PM

Monday, April 4, 2011

mister golden sun.

mister golden sun.

We're living with the golden sun
like children live with love.
Unaware of what it does,
yet stoking its fire in all of us.

Written 4.3.11 @ 4:30 PM

Saturday, April 2, 2011

always on the line.

always on the line.

I had a dream of you.
You were on the phone,
talking to someone.
But who, I never knew.
I thought you didn't notice me.
But then you gestured here and there.
Dished me out some silent love.
But always on the line.
Never giving me
all of the attention or love
that should have been mine.

Written 4.2.11 @ 12:02 PM

Friday, April 1, 2011

cutting corners, wasting walls.

cutting corners, wasting walls.

The corners of my heart
that start and end with you
broke before they fully grew.

And the walls all fell apart.
This art I've stumbled to,
of losing love to you.

Written 4.1.11 @ 11:14 PM