Friday, April 29, 2011

Little Boy with the Two-Shaded Heart

Fairytale Poetry: Entry Two

The Little Boy with the Two-Shaded Heart

A little boy, a little town
where he hopped and skipped and flew:
He had two sides of his heart,
one red, one royal blue.

The red was bright and boisterous.
In the light, he shown it to
his friends and family and all the world,
the ones where red rang true.

But he left the other tender half,
his quiet royal blue,
tucked away inside his chest
unsure of whom to show it to.

Until one day a little girl
from a distant town came through
and gently clasped the halves together
making one whole from the two.

For she saw both the red and blue
And loved each color through and through.

Written 4.29.11 @ 2:55 PM

(For the man with the two-shaded heart.)

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