Thursday, September 10, 2009

Energy and Soul.

I recently became a student again. (I say again because I already graduated in May with my teaching degree.) But after a summer of health-induced unproductivity, combined with the potential threat of losing my health insurance, the idea was born for me to return to school recreationally. (I am now attending CPR and Karate classes. Both are valuable life skills, I feel.) The drive to the campus is a bit of a distance. Approximately 30 minutes travel time, depending on traffic. But I don't mind. In fact, I rather relish it - the whole experience...

This entire summer has been a bizarre, slow awakening for me. Life after college is never what you anticipate, never what you dream it will be. But, then again, I didn't put much thought into post-grad plans to begin with; I simply thought I would start teaching, and find my happiness in that. Turns out we can be wrong about any assumptions, big or small or anywhere in between...

As a result of my unexpected situation this summer (the inability to work), I was beginning to lose direction, to lose purpose, to lose me. Life has never seemed more fragile or uncertain. But these classes, these drives to get to these classes, these moments all to myself where I am forced to face this new and strange world all on my own... these things are bringing little pieces of me back. I am feeling reason in life and rhythm of life. Just after a few days. And I can feel a new energy forming within me. It's beautiful, and comforting, and enlivening.

I'm starting to find me. ♥

Written 9.10.09 @ 10:54 PM

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