Friday, September 11, 2009

The Eye Serene.

Time can stop. I've witnessed it - perhaps a few dozen times or so. But you have to really look for it, or you'll never even notice the swiftly slowing hands of the clock. And if you're not watching, I mean really watching, you won't see how they - ever so gingerly - enter a state of total idleness. And time becomes nonexistent. These moments, these beautiful phenomena, are so rare and fleeting that most people see straight through them or look right past. But everytime before the rain, everytime before a kiss, everytime before the sun's rise, there is a pause... a breath. Time takes a breath. And all the world is frozen, for our innocent eyes to devour.

My hungry eyes have devoured many a freeze-frame; they have stolen their fair share of time's reprieve. And yet, they still burn within my sockets, begging for more. Time never seems to yield when I want it to...

Please don't say it.
Don't say it.

You stroke my hair, rub away the tear trickling down my cheek.
The phone alarm goes off with that old familiar song.
It makes me think of you. Of us. Of the way we used to be.
I dive into your eyes. Pleading silently.

Don't say it, sweetie.
Please don't.

"It's time." You kiss my salty cheek.
I hear your keys jingle as you push them in your pocket.
And your shoes squeak as you slip them on.
I hear my tires turning as I deliver you.
And my music blaring as I drown the sound of your fading footsteps.

Time never was a friend of mine. But it can stop, I've witnessed it. Just not today...

Written 9.11.09 @ 11:55 PM

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