Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We held hands for a night.

We held hands for a night.

She rolls over in bed
and he slowly follows,
her steel and shiny new spoon.

The couplet embraces
through the early morning
in her dormitory room.

All garments still worn
not a one tossed
from their warm, supple skin.

Her contacts still on,
his shoes barely off,
and fresh stubble on his chin.

Only the night hours
and a few passioned kisses
connect the two of them.

And also the weight
and the quiet touch
of their gently coupled hands.

Soon they will wake
with small, tender looks
not sure of what to say.

So he'll kiss her eyes,
and she'll eat his lies,
each going their own way.

Written 3.29.11 @ 2:38 AM

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