Thursday, June 17, 2010

Racing the Darkness.

Racing the Darkness.

The trees sparkle with fireflies,
Late night, and we're all alone.
They're racing the darkness,
And I'm racing home.

My foot on the pedal,
My mind in the clouds,
And my heart dissolving
Under earthen shrouds.

Roadside, my eyes catch a glimpse
Of a friend, a foe, a follower:
My motor's speeding shadow,
And it blazes as I cower.

The sight of it making me ache,
As I yearn to break free
From this heavy, dark, unseemly fate
Of a life bound by me.

Written 6.13.10 @ approximately 12:00 AM


  1. One of my favorites :)
    Fireflies are always a good topic!

  2. Why thank you, Mr. Howard! Very glad you like.
    And yes, I couldn't agree more on the fireflies. :)