Monday, December 7, 2009

How does my story end.

How does my story end.

I did not want to see the end
Our faces fading black
I wanted to keep us here
In this eden
In these arms

But the earth
The blessed, knowing earth
Keeps sending smoke signals my way
And I wonder if this eden
Is perhaps only an illusion
Waiting for the right moment to decay

First the bracelet
That you gave
Dripping with love
Unraveled before my unwilling eyes

Next the air-dried rose
Preserved from our six months
Of childlike infatuation
Disconnected at the stem and ovule
And I wept upon its irreparable fate

Then the last, and most tragic,
Was my surprise gone awry:

I planned a gift for you
To say the apologies that my heart could not speak

I went to develop the film
Of our trip to the bandshell
When our candid embraces
Were snapped by our friends,
When we were still basking in eden
And in each other's
Love-saturated limbs

But when I went to remove the canister
From the vintage camera
The film was not inside it
But instead lay exposed to the light
On the canister's right

And all the stilled images
Of our still-then pure love
Were swallowed into blackness.

Written 12.7.09 @ 11:01 PM

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